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Scott started flying model airplanes at about 10 years old.  He has a large network of model aviation enthusiasts and has been building and flying radio controlled models for over 50 years.  Scott owns dozens of model airplanes and dozens of drones foe indoor and outdoor airshows.

Best Kids Drones
Born in 1954. Scott with Mom about 1956
2017  Balsa SIG AstroHog Trump MAGA Plane

Flying Magazine photo of my wife, Marilyn and son TJ 
I have flown 25 different types of old classics, warbirds, and newer high performance airplanes and have flown sail planes, Hangliders, Powered Hangliders and Ultralights. I started as a hanglider builder and pilot in 1972 interested in efficiencies and structure. I'm knowledgeable in electrical and mechanical processes, tolerances, safety, reliability and quality. I own a 1972 Jobe Rogallo HangliderIcarus V, (predacessor to the modern day ultralight), and 1946 Ercoupe(s).

1946 Ercoupe show plane at Oshkosh
Personal Experience highlights are restoring antique classic airplanes. Scott won 3 First Place show plane awards at Oshkosh for Best-in-class aircraft 1946 Ercoupe which also won First Place & Peoples Choice at the National Ercoupe Convention in Ames, IA.

 Flying with my father Tom Olson and son T.J.  I am Young Eagle Pilot #4 and enjoy the freedom of flying Young Eagles and the responsibility volunteering for Young Eagles Chairmen Cliff RobertsonGeneral Chuck Yeager and Harrison Ford

N2701H; Award winning 1946 Ercoupe 415C
 Many famous people started out flying in an Ercoupe including John TravoltaJohnny CarsonSam Walton ,and Pappy Boyington (Pappy's first GA airplane).

I am a 3rd generation aircraft owner, builder and aviation enthusiast.  Here is link to some of my favorite airplanes.  Below is a favorite airplane, a Glass Goose, that my Dad Tom Olson built from a kit.  It was excellent workmanship and a playboys dream plane for great journeys.  The Glass Goose is an amphibious and experimental airplane - a sexy sea plane. It is not a beginners toy. 

My Dad passed away but here is his Glass Goose.

Worked on Airforce One Security
Airforce One Toys CLICK HERE
Scott Olson was a Systems Integration Manager and Technology Advisor specializing in Aviation Security Technologies responsible for quality of systems used for U.S. Visit, Department of Homeland Security and TSA projects including access control, surveillance and identification verification for General Aviation.


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