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Serving God, Veterans, Elderly, Patriots and land that I love.



Books and two ideas to start your Own Business:

Fortune Magazine: Tech dominates top ten Cos. in 2017 

Read about the most successful Campanies in America. 

This book covers them all - Click Here
Investing in companies that contribute to rebuilding Americas Infrastructure is in a way investing in the Donald Trump Stock Market.  You can bet with Americas Top  Companies being Hightech: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, At&T, Oracle, our new infrastructures will include hightech technologies. 
There are many hightech companies that aim to advance the infrastructure. One growing market, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), connects our household or commercial items to a wireless network by embedding them with electronic, software, or sensor technology. This network of devices allows us to take the next step into a wireless world that relies less and less on direct human-to-computer interaction.




Drone Business ideas and Opportunities

Home Based Online Business

The following are Affiliate Networks and Software Tools to start your own Online Business.

1. Autoresponder: Click Here for Get Response

2. Squeeze Page Builder: Click Here for LeadPages

3. Tracking Software: Click Here for Click Magick
Click Here for ClickBank
Click Here for ClickSure
Click Here for Warrior Forum
Click Here for Max Bounty

4. Affiliate Networks (search “AffiliateNetworks):

Click Here for Amazon Affiliate Network

Click Here for Best Buy Affiliate Network
Click Here for Walmart Affiliate Network


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